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About Us

Our Philosophy

Founded by Philip Merry, PMCG is a Singapore registered company which conducts training, coaching, mentoring, consulting, and research. We have been developing Global Leaders and Teams in over 100 cities in 57 countries on 5 continents since 1991. Our focus is on enabling people from different cultures to work together effectively . This is captured in our vision:

Our Mission

“Building Partnership, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness across Cultures”

Effectiveness and success are as much concerned with what goes on inside us as what happens outside. Our values, personality, brain wiring, genes, beliefs and attitudes (our internal processes) have an enormous impact on how we view “reality” and this governs the way we act as leaders, managers or followers. Thus, to maximize effectiveness, success, and happiness it is important that we understand how these internal processes run our lives, and develop ways to move beyond them to new ways of being. This is the underlying focus in all of our programmes – to help you to continue to grow to become all that you are capable of being.

Our Programmes

We offer programmes and workshops that seek to enable individuals, teams and organizations to be the best they can:

  • Global Leadership
  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Happiness And Well-Being At Work
  • Building Cross Cultural Partnership
  • Working With Differences
  • Multi-Cultural Teamwork
  • Developing Women Leaders
  • Intuitive Innovation
  • Culture, Team, Brain Dominance Profiling
  • Managing Personal Energy

Customized Training Solutions

All our programs are tailored to your specific needs.  We begin our process with the key questions “what are the specific outcomes you want at the end of our involvement with you?” We then design our programs around the outcomes that YOU want.

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