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The PMCG team is highly skilled in designing experiential workshops, case studies and role plays; drawn from our long and varied experience in Asia.

Our style is interactive and practical encouraging maximum involvement from participants. Workshops are based around the learner’s current needs, thus enabling them to transfer the learning directly to real problems in the organisation. Opportunities are created to maximise personal feedback and help individuals gain a high degree of awareness of : –

* their personal teamwork style
* their cultural style and values
* their brain dominance
* their personal impact

Phil Photo

Philip Merry
Founder of  Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte Ltd.
BA, CQSW, Post Grad Dip Soc Sci, Post Grad Dip Mgt(sml), MSIM

Philip Merry, the Founder of PMCG, holds a degree from Manchester University and three postgraduate qualifications in Counseling, Social Science and Self-Managed Learning.Originally trained as a family therapist in London he has extensive experience in professional counseling and group dynamics.

Thereafter, in the last 30 years, he worked in a variety of business settings with Reuters Asia, at the Roffey Park Management Centre UK, with the Sri Lankan Government, the British Volunteer Programme in the Maldives and with local government in London. Philip has also worked with a range of educational establishments.  He is Visiting Fellow at Bristol University, and has taught at the East West Centre – University of Hawaii, NTU, NUS, and is Lecturer on Strategic Alliances at the Melbourne Institute of Technology MBA.

Based in Singapore since 1991, he has extensive experience in multi-cultural consulting, training and team facilitation; and has delivered workshops in 47 countries around the world.

Philip is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organization be more effective by understanding how to maximize their potential.  Because of his long experience and training in a variety of therapeutic settings, he is comfortable dealing with difficult emotional issues and skilled at building a supportive learning environment; thus enabling people to confront their internal blocks and make learning breakthrough; which in turn lead to increased confidence about their own skill and ability.

Normala S

Normala Shamsudin
Director (Coaching & Counseling)
MSocSc (Counseling), BA, Cert. Ed., Cert. Coach U, CC. HT (Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Normala a Singaporean has been a Director at PMCG since 1995. She has dealt with some of the world’s leading private and government organizations.

Her role involves;

  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Cross Cultural and Team Facilitation
  • Working with Gender and Women’s Leadership
  • Cross Cultural Counseling and Coaching,
  • Team Leadership Counseling and Coaching

Normala has extensive experience in Adult Education, Counseling, Cultural and Civic Education, English teaching, Management, Administration and Budgeting.  Her work experience includes thirteen years in the Singapore Education system, as a student counselor and for teaching the values and culture of Singapore’s major racial groups, the cultural aspects of civil and moral education, and English. For five years Normala was the Officer in Charge of a Police Cadet Corps, which involved her in the handling, administration, planning, budgeting and conference & project management for over two hundred people. She has served on various committees at the Singapore national level including and was regularly called on to serve as the MC for a variety of national events, including events involving the President of Singapore and other national leaders.

Our Business Associates

Geoff Barwise 2Geoff Barwise

Geoff is an experienced leadership trainer and Executive Coach who has over 25 years of industry experience gained in the Asia Pacific region. He specializes in developing leadership talent in the Asia region, where he has been based for more than 15 years. He has lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

His career includes senior leadership roles in the steel, building products, chemical, telecom and textile industries. Since 2002 he has worked with a number of well known organizations facilitating their global and regional leadership development programs. He has coached senior executives from middle management to the most senior levels across most Asia Pacific countries. These have across a wide spectrum of nationalities but with a focus on Asian leadership talent.

Geoff has recognized expertise in both helping managers develop their cross-cultural management skills and also managing and motivating their teams across a geographically dispersed structure. From his experience in the region he firmly believes that expertise in both these competencies is essential for success in senior leadership roles in today’s global marketplace.  Geoff is an accredited Belbin and Trompenaars consultant.

Mick Brooks

Mick Brooks

Mick Brooks is managing director and principal consultant of Interactive Business Simulations, a Singapore-based company specializing in enhancing business acumen through board-based competitive simulations.  Mick was born in the UK, but has lived and worked in continental Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East before settling in Asia for the past 20 years.  He is a UK Chartered Accountant (FCA) with a strong background of multinational financial and general management experience. He has coached new business start-ups in the UK, and has started five companies of his own.

Mick is known for his passionate and energetic approach to ‘the business of business’. Using simulations from leading-edge learning organizations, participants work in teams to out-think and outsmart their ‘competitors’, possibly taking on unfamiliar roles within their  teams – the result is truly embedded and immediately applicable learning, based on their own experience rather than received wisdom.

Bob Feldman

Bob Feldman

Bob Feldman is an international professional speaker, corporate trainer, executive coach and management consultant for communication and presentation skills.  Born and raised in Chicago, he also has lived and worked for lengthy periods on two other continents, primarily in Germany and Singapore, which he has made his home for the past 10 years.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Movement, Psychology and Education and a Masters Degree (M.Ed.) in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Illinois.

Bob’s expertise is in the area of  personal effectiveness, cross-cultural communication, interpersonal communication, creative expression, dynamic presentation, body language, stress management, leading with a creative edge, teambuilding, time and energy management, media training, self-image, trust and listening skills.  His talks and workshops are highly participatory and motivating.  For 15 years he was an actor, director, teacher and trainer with the United Mime Workers Theatre Company, an internationally acclaimed professional mime theatre group, and has also led trainings in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

Peter M

Peter Martini

Peter Martini is the principal consultant and owner of two companies – Corporate Team Solutions, which offers team & leadership development and executive coaching and Corporate Outdoor Training which specialises in outdoor team building programs. Peter is a Master Trainer of Team Management Systems (TMS), holds a Bachelor Degree Sc., Dip Ed., Post Grad Dip Ed Admin., Post Grad Dip Outdoor Ed., is a member of AHRI, and AIM and was awarded an International Teaching Fellowship. Peter has successfully worked with people at all levels spanning a broad cross section of industries and countries for the past twenty years.

Specialising in organisational improvement through team and leadership development, Peter Martini incorporates experiential learning activities into indoor/outdoor programs with the philosophy that learning is most effective when it involves active participation. He and his experienced team of facilitators customise program content and delivery style to match the needs of each client. By combining interactive learning techniques with the TMS suite of instruments, Peter found the perfect vehicle to design and facilitate programs that are fun, engage people and deliver results at all staff levels.

Irene Millar

Irene Millar

Irene Millar is a Certified Trainer, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Belbin Team-Roles Certified Trainer. She has recently completed a Masters Programme in Strategic Sustainable Development from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.  Originally from the UK, Irene has lived and worked in the UK, North America and Asia and is currently living in Singapore.

With a strong corporate background in sales, sales training and management, Irene has over 16 years experience in the training industry and over 10 years senior management experience in MNCs and has managed the creation of new territories in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and America. Apart from this, Irene specialises in strategic sustainable development, this includes more effective use of human and operational resources together with CSR and Community Development programmes.

Abdul Rahim

Abdul Rahim

Abdul Rahim has a comprehensive training background and works with MNC’s, government agencies, SME’s and youth organisations globally. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University Of London, his interest in people led him to become a Belbin Team-Roles Certified Trainer. He also completed a Masters in Strategic Sustainable Development from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Rahim is bilingual and is able to deliver training in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Rahim worked in law enforcement with the Singapore Government for 10 years and specialised in security together with training and rehabilitation of young prisoners. His experiences gained in an extreme environment have resulted in a unique sense of humour and a thorough understanding of human behaviour. Originally from Singapore, Rahim has travelled the world extensively and lived in North America before returning to his current base in Singapore.

Our Associates

In order to give the best to our clients when they require us to combine a variety of approaches we work with a variety of experts around the world. They are:

  1. Dr Meredith Belbin – the Originator of Belbin Team Styles
  2. Dr Charles Hampden-Turner – Renowned culture expert – THT Consulting
  3. Dr Fons Trompenaars – Renowned culture expert – THT Consulting
  4. Celemi – World-class business and financial simulations
  5. HBDI – Brain Dominance Technology
  6. The Medici Game – Breakthrough Innovation Technology

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