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Committed to CSR, we at PMCG  regularly contribute to issues of rural development, equality, environment and women’s empowerment by balancing our commercial work with work in the development sector by working with the United Nations and the Consultative Group International Agricultural Research – CGIAR.

United Nations Workshop Facilitation

We are regularly asked by the United Nations to work with their senior country management teams in different parts of the world. In the last 8 years we have facilitated the following sessions:


  • UN Country Team Retreats – Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Lao PDR
  • UN Development Programme Annual Retreat – Papua New Guinea, Maldives
  • UNICEF – Men & Women Working Together –  South Africa
  • UN 18 Arab Countries Conference “Delivering as One” Lead facilitator – 120 senior UN staff from – Cairo
  • UN Development Group – conference for 90 Senior Staff from all agencies – New York
  • UN Environment Programme – Women Preparing for Leadership 4 sessions in Kenya
  • UN Reform Leadership Workshop – Papua New Guinea
  • Belbin Team Role Accreditation UN Facilitators – Geneva
  • UN Development Assistance Framework Orientation – Maldives, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Timor Leste
  • UN  Development Programme – Belbin Team Role Certification – New York
  • UN Country Team Strategic Planning Retreat – Maldives
  • UN Staff College – Belbin Team Role Certification & Team Building Cross Cultural Diversity Workshop – Turin
  • UN High Commission for Refugees – Leadership Development


Consultative Group International Agricultural Research – CGIAR

CGIAR is a strategic alliance of members, partners and international agricultural centers that mobilizes science to benefit the poor. The research centres include:

  1. CIAT – Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical
  2. CIFOR – Center for International Forestry Research
  3. CIMMYT – Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo
  4. CIP – Centro Internacional de la Papa
  5. ICARDA – International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
  6. ICRISAT – International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
  7. IFPRI – International Food Policy Research Institute
  8. ILRI – International Livestock Research Institute
  9. IRRI – International Rice Research Institute
  10. IWMI – International Water Management Institute
  11. World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
  12. WorldFish Center

Over the last 10 years PMCG has conducted the following programmes:

  • African Women in Agricultural R & D Mentoring Programme 2008-2010 – AWARD – 6 programmes, Kenya
  • Gender & Diversity Division – Developing Leaders a Mentoring Programme for Women – CIAT – Colombia, ICRAF – Nairobi, IWMI – Sri Lanka, CIFOR – Indonesia, ILRRI – Nairobi, ICARDA – Syria, CIP- Peru, CYMIT – Mexico – 12 programmes
  • Cultural Diversity E-conf – Gender & Diversity Programme – On-line cross cultural facilitation
  • Team Building and Needs Analysis – Centre for International Forestry Research
  • Team Facilitation – Food & Water Challenge Program – meetings in Cairo and Egypt + mentor and coach to the challenge programme co-ordinator.
  • Virtual Teams – IWMI, ICRAF, Challenge Programme – Co-Designed and facilitated on line virtual team sessions
  • Water Week Facilitation – IWMI – conference for 90 people
  • Leadership Development – World FishCentre – Penang, Egypt, IWMI – Sri Lanka
  • Strategic Direction and Director General changeover transition – World FishCentre, Penang
  • Leadership Coaching – IWMI & WorldFish Center – Leadership coaching for senior staff
  • Divisional Leadership Retreat – IFPRI – Washington
  • Managing Personal Energy and Stress – for staff at IWMI, ICRAF, ILRRI and leaders at World Fish Centre – Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia
    1. Multi-Stakeholder Global Team Development – Comprehensive Assessment team at IWMI
    2. Board Chairs Strategic Retreat Facilitation for 10 Chairpersons of CGIAR Centres – Penang
    3. Gender & Diversity Conference – facilitation of Gender & Diversity conference

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